Fist Aid Training
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This message is for all adult members of Cleveland County Scouts who need to complete  a full First Response First Aid course for their scouting role.

If you hold a recognised in-date externally gained first aid qualification from a recognised awarding body, then this may exempt you from having to undertake a First Response course for as long as that externally held certificate is valid. 

The attached factsheet outlines the required compatible criteria.  If you feel your certificate meets this criteria,  then please bring it to the attention of your Local Training Managers to check. If it does, the LTM will be able to update Compass to validate your role requirements.

Before any validated externally held certificate expires,  you will, under current guidelines, be able to  complete 2 refresher only first response courses before being required to complete  a full course.    You can also continue to claim exemption following production and verification of any future externally recognised courses.

If you have any queries regarding first aid requirements,  please direct your enquiries to your GSL, Training Advisor or Local Training Managers.

Steve Barwell